Bluering Centipede

The Life of Animals | Bluering Centipede | Ethmostigmus species, Probably trigonopodus. Sold as "Tanzanian Bluering" and ID'ed as Scolopendra morsitans, but the centipede in question has spiracles on segments 7 AND 8, making Ethmostigmus Likely and removing most of the genus Scolopendra as a possibility. Note: this centipede is Often sold as S. morsitans, but check the spiracle Will reveal the truth.

note, in this picture it is NOT the centipede That tagged me, but was purchased from same dealer at same time. this is to give a clear picture of what type of centipede bite this report is about. it's a simple 3-4" tall by about 5 "diameter" Standard "invert deli cup. I'll admit, i sat looking at the centipede for a cool 10 minutes having like, second thoughts ... but finally i went about getting bit i manipulated the centipede with my trust little 7 "delicate brush, goading it to leave it's container and walk around in the 20L tupperware i was containing my antics in. once the centipede Walked on top of its container lid i lifted the lid with my left hand. after steeling my self, i tilted the lid so the centipede would slide onto my hand. Gently i blew on it nothing. 

i Quickly trapped it's head the between my "pointer" / first finger and thumb, in my left hand . it did not bite right away, so with it'shead still trapped and its fangs pushed firmly against my thumb i proceded to lift most of it's body in my right hand and Gently shake it, to sort of Simulate and attack. here is the rest of the report on a time line  8:05 pm bite. That one tiny bite penetrated the skin, a strike with no duration. i Shook it slightly more vigorously while blowing hard in it's face, Trying to frighten it to bite again. on second bite i can feel the start of venom (stinging) pain almost instantly. Both bites on left hand thumb tip, in virtually the same location, since i was restraining the centipede's head against my thumb

8:07 Increasing pain a little, still less than proverbial bee sting, thumb tip reddening. thumb tip still reddening, white circle about .5 cm in barely visible on the deepest puncture 8:13 stinging reducing pain, throbbing thumb a little. hope not = P 8:40 armpit thing ... not reappearing thumb tip feels ever so slightly hypersensitive.  9:20 side note: my hands and lower arms itch They would like very slightly from urticating hairs that i just barely React to. i think this is from having the two centipedes walking all over my hands for around 20 minutes total. ah, i was proofreading this as i noticed i was scratching one of the bites.

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