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The Life of Animals | Bali Tiger | The Bali tiger was the youngest of the nine subspecies of tiger, and not comparable with the size of the leopard or panther. Bali tigers had short hair, the orange has been deep, dark and had a smaller number of lines compared to other sub-species of tiger. Bali tigers also had unusual rod-like structures on the head. Bali tiger had an average gestation period of 14-15 weeks. This split the tigers into two groups, which then develops is independent, the second option, the Tigers swam from one island to another to colonize. The road from Bali is located only 2.4 miles wide, making it good in the buoyancy of the Tiger Media. One of the most comprehensive document left by the Hungarian baron Oszkár Vojnic was the Balinese people trapped, hunted and took photos of a tiger. Surabayan gunsmith E. Munaut is confirmed to have killed more than 20 tigers of Bali in a few years. The last confirmed sighting of the tiger was a grown woman, killed 27th September 1937, at Sumbar Kima, in the western part of Bali.

The British Museum in London is the largest collection, with two cups and three skulls belong to the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt, Natural History Museum in Stuttgart, Naturalis in Leiden Museum and the Zoological Museum at Bogor, Indonesia, the remains of the last known Balinese keeps Tigers . Unlike deer hunting, they have learned very little, if any, Balinese Tiger Hunting embraced before the arrival of Europeans on the island because of tigers as evil, dangerous creatures have been seen. Nevertheless, Tigers had a well-defined position in the folk belief and magic. For example, when the Balinese the bottom of the tiger's whiskers, a powerful, undetectable poison for your enemy to mention be in the same book this, Miguel Covarrubias, the "Island of the Gods", 1937, when a child is born Balinese, got a protective amulet necklace of black coral and "tooth of a tiger or a piece of tiger bones.

As in other Asian countries, the people of Bali tiger parts like wearing jewelry than for the state or for spiritual reasons, such as power and protection. Necklaces of teeth and claws or rings male cabochoned polished ivory teeth of the tiger are still in daily use. Disappeared since Tiger is near Bali and Java were old or recycled parts of Leopard and Sun Bear body parts were used instead. One of the traditional Balinese dance, the Barong, even in one of four forms, a guy named Tiger Barong (Barong Macan).

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